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20 Gallon Long Setup ( For Sale )


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I am selling my 20 gallon tank, all the equipment, lights, sand, live rock, and corals. ( minus my aussies, cuz those are going in the new tank ) for $650. will try to sell whole setup first, but if no takers, will start parting out. I've had this tank up and running for over a year.

What we have here is:

20 gallon long \\ painted black wood stand \\ painted black wood top ( glass is good, drilled )


4 x 24w HO T5s ( bulbs less than a month old , 2 retrofit kits drilled into top cover lid, h.o.b refugium not for sale )


10 gallon sump

Red Sea Berlin Skimmer w/ rio 2100 pump

sedra ksp 2500 return pump

Phosban Reactor , t'd from return pump



Penguin water pumps ( nothing fancy, just works )


25+ lbs live rock

1" sand bed ( for looks )


60+ heads Acan Lord ( purple hue, comes with its own resident turkey clam, about size of half a softball )


10 heads Acan Lord ( mauve colored acan and GSP on same rock. rock about 5"


15 heads Acan Lord ( pink and white acan, on 5" rock


Acan Echinata ( orange crush echinata. about 3.5" x 4" section )


Cabbage Coral 3" x 4" ( picture coming soon )

20+ polyps Orange Zoos ( picture coming soon )

3 heads (almost 4) branching frogspawn ( picture coming soon )

Other Invertebrates

1 arrow crab a.k.a - The Bristle Worm Destroyer ( greedy little crab. has been known to pilfer mysis from my acans and decimated my bristle worm population)


all this for $650 post here or shoot me an email at colin.moore @ subcultpop.com

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OK> Time has come to part out the tank. I have just recently ripped my right hamstring trying to show off for my wife. I am laid up right now, so I can't meet anyone anywhere. I'm located in south austin, at the corner of wickersham and oltorf. I'll be home all day and all weekend. i'm not going anywhere antime soon. Willing to make a deal. PM me for phone number and we can get it worked out.




Corals first please.

60+ head purple acan - $65

Acan & GSP rock - $15

Pink Acan rock - $25

Orange Crush Echninata - $25

Arrow Crab - $10

Royal Urchin ( tuxedo urchin ) - $10

Cabbage Coral - $10

Orange Zoos ( 20+ polyps ) - $15

25+ lbs Live rock - $75

Tank, Stand , Top (all together $80 )

2 Retrofit kits for 2x24w HO T5 - $200 for both ( if you buy the tank, stand, and lights together i'll do it for $250. 2 of the bulbs are actinics)

10 gallon sump - $5

Berlin Red Sea Skimmer w/ Rio 2100 pump - $25

Sedra KSP 2500 pump - $40 ( runs super quiet)

Phosban Reactor - $20

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This tank is still up for sale. I am very willing to make a deal for the whole thing. I can even sweeten the deal for someone who wants to purchase the whole thing. I will throw in 3 frags of Australian Acan Lords. 2 of the frags have 2-3 heads, and one has about 5 heads. if you are interested in the Australian frags by themselves i can get pics tonite. $50 for the smaller frags, $85 for the larger one.

email me, call me, im me. i want this thing gone asap.

colin.moore @ subcultpop.com


edit: frogspawn and arrowcrab sold!

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I still have this tank setup. I still want to sell the whole set up. I will drop the price for everything for $350. i'll throw in 2 frags of 3 heads each of Aussie Duncans. someone come take this out of my living room for this steal of a price.



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