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The following are available. All of these have been growing under 14k 400w MH.

1. Palys 10-15 polyp frag----$15. SOLD


2. 4" encrusted rock w/yellow polyps-----$30.


3. 6" diameter scrolling monti cap w/light pink rim attached to rock-----$40. SOLD

Pic. from top.


Pic. from side.


4. 2 1/2" lime green monti plate (2 pieces mounted on 1 piece of rock)----$20.


5. 1 1/2" lime green monti plate frags (there's 2 frags mounted on individual rock)-----$5





6. Candy cane, 6-heads, 3 of the heads already splitting-----$25. SOLD

The pic below is from the mother colony.


Since it's shading other corals, I'll be fragging this purple plate w/tiny blue polyps.

Pic from above.


Anyone interested let me know and Thanks for looking.


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I've got some pieces of the montis...VERY NICE.

When are you fragging that one with the bright green polyps? :D That's my fave!


Looks like our board notifications aren't exactly immediate. I didn't get your 9am message post notified until 1 o clock.

Since today is already a bust I'll give ya a call tomorrow if I am out to see if you are around.



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what is still available, i'll be in leander tomorrow?



Still available:

1, 2, 4, 6 and frags of purple plate will be broken off as people come by. I'm running out space to place them in. $20 for 2 1/2" by 1 1/2".


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Cindy, thanks so much for the frags. The palys are all opened up and looking great as are the polyps. i got the mushrooms all glued down and they are also looking pretty happy.. i think i spent more money on gas than you charged for the frags.


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Thanks for the frags Cindy! Under my lighting the lime green frag is darker and much brighter (it kind of glows) :) , but the purple is just plain brown :(. I am running 250w 20k's so maybe it will color up a bit when it gets settled. Anyway I still own you $20 so let me know where to paypal you or we can settle up at the next meeting.

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I would give it some time and try to place it under bright light....it should color up. Dapettit has one too and he's running 250W 14K and it looks purple w/blue polyps. We can arrange payment on the next meeting.


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Sounds good! The purple frag actually looked really nice in the sun light (much like your picture) but it browned up in the tank, so hopefully it will change back. Either way the green frag makes up for it. Actually Saturday was a pretty awesome deal. I came home with three frags, a huge BTA, 2 Koralia 4's, a 20g nano with T5 lighting, all for under $120. :) Now that is a budget my wife will tolerate! :(

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I'd like to get them but my schedule is pretty busy until the end of the week. Could you hold onto them for me until then?

Sure I can do that. Just let me know in advance when you'll be coming.

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