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Al Bendiksen

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Hey y'all!

I was wondering if you could please tell me which would be the best store in Austin to buy live rock, cured or uncured. I am extremely new to this hobby so i am not sure where to go. Also, which store offers a good variety on aquarium appliances that are not too expensive, im running on a tight budget.

Thank you,


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First off: Welcome to the club!

I think everyone has their favorite store, I know I do, but any of the sponsors will not do you wrong.

If you are on a budget though, consider getting rock from someone taking their system down. It's usually the cheapest route. Check the

For Sale forum here and on the MAAST site.

Also, do lots of research before you buy anything. And then do some more. As I have learned all too well over the last

few months, only bad things happen when you rush into this.


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