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28 gall. set-up for sale $200 neg.


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28 gallon saltwater tank all set up still. Dim: 30" wide, 12"deep, 18" tall

The tank is pretty scratched on the front, can probably turn it around and it would be fine...

Includes: 1 yellow faced pygmy angel, 1 four stripe damsel, 1 brittle star, 1 med. head of frogspwan coral, large colony of GSP, 2 heads hammer, xenia, sm. brain coral of some type, various mushrooms, 1 sm. fox coral, 1 Orbit PC light fixture- bulbs work-probably need to be replaced, generic Bak-Pak skimmer, 2 Maxi-Jet 1200 pumps, 1/2 small box Instant Ocean salt, python hose

If you're interested, please call 963-1743 or respond to this.


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