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72 Gallon Oceanic Bow Front - Live Rock - Sump - Bio Balls

Chad and Belinda

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I have a 72 gallon Oceanic bow front aquarium. Asking $200. It is just the aquarium only. The stand has had some swelling/water damage, but for the most part the damage cannot be seen. It has a glass door, but it does not close properly because of the water damage (but can be fixed). You can have the stand for free. The back is painted blue, but the paint scrapes off easily with a razor blade.

I also have live rock for sale. Some of the rock has color, about 40 lbs of rock. Asking $4 per lb. I do have some rock with with assorted coral on it, asking $5 per lb on those pieces.

I have an Aqua Clear Aquatics Pro 150 Wet/Dry w/pre-filter sump (bio balls, overflow box, filter and u-tube included) and comes with 9.5 mag-drive pump. $150 OBO

Bag full of bio balls (fairly new) $10

** Must sell rock and sand first**

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