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Ballast/light fixture & magnetic glass scrubber


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I need 2 things.

Glass cleaner:

I also need a new glass cleaner and I'm getting tired of my tiny mag-float doing more floating than magging. I'm interested if you have one of any brand that will stick to approx-5/8" thick glass.

Light 1:

My algae is sparse after a couple weeks without a sump light. I have a Coralife 65w, 24", PC fixture that died on me. I'm not sure why. I took it apart and there is no salt creep or anything inside. I ordered new bulbs before I found out that wasn't the problem. I think it's a bad ballast or on/off switch. I need this to be fixed or replaced ASAP. Please contact me if you know how to repair a PC fixture or if you have a 65watt per bulb straight pin unit to sell.

Light 2:

I bought a TekLight 48" 8 lamp fixture from AquaTek a couple of years ago. I have come home to find some bulbs haven't lit up lately. They come on if I twist them around a while. I don't think the issue is salt, since salt is usually a good electrical conductor, so I'm not sure what is the problem. All I know is the hood is warped, the reflectors are wide angled so I have to hang the fixture low to get the light into the tank, and there is also something wrong with it electrically. Do not buy one of these overpriced fixtures!!! Please help if you know how to fix these beasts.

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