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Dan and Meg's 240 Gallon Long

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To inject my opinion briefly... DSBs are a religious topic in this hobby, there is no right or wrong, but everyone wants to convert the nonbelievers.

I personally have experience with them and without them. I like them a lot and had lots of success with them. Plus I really like the look, and all the fun critters that live in them. To me, they are as much a part of the reef as the fish, rock, or corals. Finally, I think the filtration capacity of DSBs are simply unequaled. 500 lbs of sand will have no problem filtering 300 gallons.

Perhaps this should be a topic at one of the meetings - DSBs, shallow sand beds, and other methods of using sand as a part of filtration strategies. I'm sure we'd all end up having a grand ole time.

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Meg wanted to move a plug that was in the Damsel's territory. The Damsel was having none of it, even with death threats. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE.

Check with Ty. He's on a 1 year qt cycle right now.

Had the pumps off for a moment a took some top down pictures.

Posted Images

The build my led lights finally came in today (took a month, so plan ahead!) and they look great! One of the transformers was broken so they will send out a new one tomorrow. I'm very pleased with the color and they will compliment the Kessils nicely.

We started to aquascape and really like the Marco Rocks dry rock. It's so much easier to aquascape when everything is dry. We tried out some of the e-marco mortar stuff to stabilize the structure and were so impressed that I ordered another bucket of it. We also decided to order another 50 lbs of dry rock. So far, 100 lbs looks like it only is about 1/3 of how much rock we will need.

As expected while building the aquascape, a rock fell and put a nice small scratch in the front. I ordered a novus buffing/scratch removal kit that I tried out today. It didn't remove the scratch entirely, but its very hard to see it now. So I'd say the kit works pretty good. I'm glad we went acrylic, it's nice being able to repair it easily.

The plan is to pick up the sump Saturday and get the tank plumbed Sunday. Then we'll start filling and order 100 lbs of live rock from Marco next week and another 50 lbs from 2 more vendors for diversity.

Aquascaping so far...




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Super excited to see how this light arrangement works out when some corals make their way in. You've chosen two amazing led brands that have some serious positives and which completely negate each other's shortcomings

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Super excited to see how this light arrangement works out when some corals make their way in. You've chosen two amazing led brands that have some serious positives and which completely negate each other's shortcomings

Funny, that's exactly why I went with them. I love the shimmer from the Kessils, it reminds me of halides and the shimmer when diving. However it seems they tend to have difficulty getting perfect coverage unless you put them really high, but then you lose a lot of intensity.

The 20k BMLs just produce a fantastic balance of white and blue. Those guys found a perfect mix. They will go between each of the Kessils and should drown out any possible dark spots. Plus I love that they are here in Austin.

We were playing with them over the tank tonight and I can't wait to have them all up and running.

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Whew! What a long day! Meg and I drove to Fort Worth to pick up the sump from Marc (Melev's reef). The sump looks great! Marc did a superb job and it fit in perfectly. Of course we had to check out his system and schmooze so we didn't get back to Austin until around 8.

We put in the sump and I managed to get almost all of the sump plumbing done tonight. Only a few more things to wire up and plumb tomorrow. I think we will start filling it up tomorrow!





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Nope. Only a carbon and GFO that I'll run only when necessary. I may run a sock just when getting started to help clear up all the silt.

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Do you mind sharing where you ordered those enclosures your controllers are in from? Oh and this setup is amazing!

Trade secret. ;) Got them all on Amazon.




And thank you. We're trying to aim high, but I'm not sure it qualifies as amazing. But I appreciate it either way.

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Looking good. Are you initially filling the aquarium with RO water?

Yes. Filled with RO first, tested all the plumbing, then added the salt. It's now at 30ppt but I'm going to bring it up to 35 tomorrow.

First 60 lbs of live rock ordered from Florida and will arrive either Thursday or Friday. Another 55 lbs ordered from Fiji arriving next week, and 55 lbs from Bali in 2 weeks.

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Out of context, getting excited for a box of rocks is a bit strange...

Right? You paid HOW MUCH for rocks?! And you paid how much to have them shipped through the airlines?

My coworker was just impressed that you can even ship through airlines. From the ocean to my tank in about 8 hours. Not bad.

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