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Dan and Meg's 240 Gallon Long

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The sand arrived! Shockingly, USPS did a fantastic job. 2 of the boxes had broken open, but they bagged them up and still delivered.


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Meg wanted to move a plug that was in the Damsel's territory. The Damsel was having none of it, even with death threats. CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE.

Check with Ty. He's on a 1 year qt cycle right now.

Had the pumps off for a moment a took some top down pictures.

Posted Images

Well, the stand will be delivered Saturday morning! It's all done except 1 door that Robert wanted to redo. It is stunning in person. I must say Robert did unbelievably beautiful work. The walnut grains show very crisp and the color is dark, a difficult task with walnut. Well done.

I believe we have 4 people helping, which might be enough, but if any of you are bored or feel like doing some anaerobic exercise, getting free lunch, and eternal gratitude, message me. The plan is to load it up at Robert's place in Pflugerville at 10am, and we should be back at home around 10:30. We have the trolley Robert built to construct the stand on, so moving the stand and tank won't been that hard, we only have to pick them up over the threshold, and for the tank put it onto the stand.

Today's pictures don't do the stand justice.





The last major piece is the sump, which may be done Sunday. *fingers crossed*

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Wow that looks amazing. I can wait to see it up and running.

Question, why did you decide to enclose the back of the tank?

The stand? I didn't want noise or light getting out.
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Wow that looks amazing. I can wait to see it up and running.

Question, why did you decide to enclose the back of the tank?

The stand? I didn't want noise or light getting out.

That makes perfect sense

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Do you have any sort of humidity control measures for under the stand?

Yup. Put in some fans to blow in air and there are some large holes to exhaust out. Pictures to come.
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Few more from today. 100 lbs of dry rock arrived, and I managed to get much of the Apex and some other electrical stuff done. Going to clean up the wiring tomorrow.





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I vote next meeting at Dan and Meg's so we can all drool over that tank...just make sure there's plenty of paper towels on hand! ;-)

I actually messaged them to offer having it here in May. Haven't heard back but there's still plenty of time.

More wiring and plumbing fun today. Plus added 400 lbs of sand. Going to aquascape the dry rock later this week. Also picked up some led strip lights and mounted them in the stand so I can actually see down there.

I can't really do much more until we pick up the sump next Saturday so I guess I'll just stare and dream more this week. I'm sure I'll find something to play with.[emoji2]

Tidied up the wiring...


Can't plumb the pump nor mount the probes until the sump is here.


400 of the 480lbs of sand makes for just about 5 inches all the way around. Meg is in charge of aquascaping so in the tank she went.




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Thats way to much sand. Also put the rocks in first then the sand so there is no dead spots. You can thank me later.. wink.png

Thank You,


Get Pumped Saltwater



Negative. It's just the right amount of sand. I'm sure I'll get some people saying DSBs blow up and what not, but I'm a believer that they work wonders. Our last tank ran for years with a DSB, this will do the same.

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Since we are so free to offer our opinion here and they are worth what you pay for them. I still really think your tank is beautiful and I have no doubt that I will be eating a large plate of crow when your done.

I personally don't like the DSB I will explain why below.

1). Swim room

Since your tank is 24" tall minus 1" acrylic on bottom and 5" of sand and assuming your water line is 1.5" below the frame that leaves you like 16.5" of swim room water. I would personally prefer more like the 20.5" you would have with a normal sandbed. I fought tooth and nail to not get a deep tank deeper then 24". I ended up with a 240 that is 72 long x 24 deep x 31 tall. As I'm getting ready for water I'm liking it more and more because of the vertical aquascaping options. As I can't remember any discussion on what your plans are aquascape wise I'm going to assume your going with a lagoon type aquascape in which case 16.5" water is fine. But you might seem to have some problems with light gradient since your tank is shallower. You can remedy this by running different intensities across the tank or accepting the fact that you can't keep either really high light or really low light coral in your tank. I can tell you that kessils can and will be very intense near the surface and you will have better results if the lights are 12" off the water line. This gives the kessil a chance to spread out and not be a focus beam of death. I had issues at 17" of water getting a nice gradient on my kessil. I was flying way to close to the water though (5").

2). Cleaning

I ran a DSB on my last small tank. It was 4" deep. I found myself constantly having to clean between the DSB and glass. It would grow coraline, algae and other unsightly things. It was very tedious cleaning as to not scratch the glass. I can only imagine trying to clean coraline off of acrylic with plastic scrapers on a tank that long. Not to mention the sand storm that ensued.

3). Nutrient Build up

One of the things I experienced is GHA growing out of the sand as that where a lot of available nutrients where. It would not grow in my rock but rather out of the DSB.

4). Unstable rock work or unmovable rock work

With a DSB that deep it limits your rock work. As you are doing placing the rock on the sand it allows sand burrowing fish and shrimp to dig under your rock. This can lead to your rock stack becoming unstable and falling over. I don't know about acrylic but people have cracked and blown out their glass panels by rock toppling over. This can be mitigated by pinning your rock and puttying your rock together to create a bigger structure that is less prone to topple. Or if you put the rock in first you are covering up lots and lots of rocks. Secondly when you go to move a bottom rock it is impossible to get it back into place with all the sand. Again without creating a sand storm and irritating your coral and fish. As many refer has found out it's not if you have to move your rock but rather when. Tank moves, losing a piece of coral into the rock, catching a rouge fish, battling aiptaisia or other pests or just because you want a different look.

Things I like about DSB's

1). The look when poportionate to the amount of water.

2). The ability to process nutrients.

3.) the amount of life in a good DBS. Mine was chocked full of brittle stars, worms and other micro organisms that I believe and has been show that are very beneficial to the tank.

4). The buffering capacity of that much sand when you have a permiter swing.

Things I would personally do.

Remove about half the sand.


Make the 1x4 square trim come up 2.5" to cover half the sand.


If you like it and that's the look you want leave it be its perfect.

Again. This is all my opinion and that's what it's worth. I am in no way saying that your DSB is ugly or a bad idea so please don't take this as a personal attack. It's Just simply not what I perfer. That's one of the things that makes this hobby fun is the hundreds of right ways to do things.

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