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ORA Shipment

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Recieved an ORA order 2 weeks ago that has just completed quarantine and looks SUPERB! Have the following available:

Oregon Tort

Hawkins Echinata

Phil's Granulosa

Dustins Deepwater Acro

Chips Acro

Miami Orchid

Australian Delicate

Roscoe's Blue Stag

Guttatus Birdsnest

Hystrix Birdsnest

Hyacinth Birdsnest

Turquoise Stag


Blue Tortuosa

Scripps Green Stag

Blue Mille

Green Mille

Probably a few other i'm forgetting to list.

This is your chance to get captive grown SPS frags at extremely affordable prices. ORA has been known to supply some of the healthiest and most colorful frags that are grown entirely in captivity! Also all overstocked Tonga acros will be priced at $29 until they are gone. If you have any questions give us a call 512-309-4820!



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