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changed out my lighting...

sly fox

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i changed out my lighting from vho's... this is what the tank looked like


i got a 72" constellation....14 x t5s

went a bit heavy on the blue tho..

6 x Giesemann acquablue +

6 x Goesemann actinic +

2 x Sfiligoi Actinic 03

you cant see from the pics but the mushrooms and zoas have gone luminous haha

gonna have to change some bulbs out....

heres all of them on together


just actinic plus and actinic 03


with the actinic 03 and a set of actinic + switched off


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Ive got some brand new bulbs that were supposed to be daylight, but they have a green cast to them, if u wanta try 1-2 i can let u c what u think. My T5 was to blue also and i took out 1 blue and added one of these green cast bulbs and it made a world of diff.

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