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29 Gallon saltwater setup


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Hey guys, I am looking to get out of my 29 gallon and get into a 29 biocube. If you have one to trade, lemmie know what you have. I am also open to offers as well.

Here is what I have.

29 gallon rectangular tank with custom stand and matching custom canopy.

It has two dual power compacts (one actinic is the only one thats in it now) with ballasts. It has one metal halide 175 watt/ 12000K one ended screw in style bulb with ballast. All bulbs are one month old.

One Emperor 400 filter system with stock carbon filters.

Sump system is an overflow system as you can see in the pics. It has a CPR (Creative Plastic Research) dual pass sump system. Comes with small black and big blue bio balls. It has a custom built drip top off system I built myself. It drips in water from a gravity fed water supply on the side of the tank as you can see in the pics. It works great and has been very reliable for a long time. I don't remember the name brand of the lower pump, but it works flawlessly. It returns thru a custom pvc pipe that distributes even flow thruout the tank.

The canopy has one built in fan to pull the heat out from the halide. The top of the canopy will flip open if needed.

This tank has one scratch on the inner glass mid way up on the far front left side.

Things not included......coral, fish, inverts, water, rocks, heater, timers and UV sterilizer. Basically it's just the setup.

Again, I am looking for a 29 gallon biocube. A trade would be nice, just gimmie a good offer and lets go from there. I also have a 14 gallon biocube I am looking to get rid of as well.....same situation as above.....I just want one tank. Check out my other ad....search "14 gallon biocube"

Keep in mind that both of these tanks are currently set up. I will need a little time to round up another temporary tank before this one goes. I am basically checking intrest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call. 512-748-1289

Thanks for your time,


$300 for everything listed










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