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looking for a 29 or 24 aquapod or biocube


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i am looking to buy a used 24 aquapod or a 29 gal biocube..especially if it has a MH upgraded light...

please let me know if you want to part with yours...


I may have a tank you might be interested in. I custom built it from acrylic. It has a built in filter chamber in the back that is about 4 inches wide with a modular setup for the mechanical filter shelves. Also has a removable fug chamber and two big chambers on each side for a heater and a small protein skimmer. Also includes the plumbing for dual outputs just needs the lockline fittings. If you are interested I will throw in 2 Maxijet 900's I had planned on using as the return pumps. Please call me at 826-3569 and we can discuss further if you think it is something you might be interested in. Brand new I just decided to go a little bigger.

I sent a couple of pics for you to look at.

James D



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Hi there,

I've just recently started to ponder selling my 29g BioCube and upgrade to a tank with metal halides.


- 29g BioCube about 3 months old

- first chamber mod to remove false bottom to make room for heater and skimmer

- biocube protein skimmer (with air pump)

- lights upgraded from the stock lights to the 4.36 kit from Nanotuners, basically it doubles your light out put (installed about 2 weeks ago)

Give me a holler if it sounds like something you would be interested in :wave:

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