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not really an emergency but i have some sump issues.


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Hello, this may be a simple thing but I am water testing a 40 gallon cube tank in my bathtub. I decided to water test the 10 gallon DIY sump/fuge at the same time.

Since I was doing that, I decided to hook up the plumbing and Mag 7 pump.

The cube is in the tub, not very level but water is getting into the overflow and the sump is on the ground right next to it.

The tank is drilled with 3/4" (inside diameter) bulkheads. The tubing is 3/4" hose that has not been cut to size yet, they are 6' each.

When I turn the pump on, it empties the return chamber and runs dry before the overflow can catch up... it's barely a trickle really.

Am I doing this too soon? Would gravity and shorter hose fix this? Should I wait to get it set up before I test this kind of stuff? It would have sucked to make the mess that did in my living room. Am I just stupid?

Thank you guys for any advice.

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Simple answer, I was stupid. I took the tank apart (restarting cycle, I'm sure) and got it drilled by Rufus at Deep Blue. They did it for free for me and even gave a some bulkheads.It was a crazy hole to drill since we had to offset and drill the 3/4 hole to a 1" hole. We were pretty nervous. All this was even on Easter.

The mag 7 is running full power and the new 1" drain working great.

It still overflowed because I put a tee on the return and put a ball valve on the tee return that went back to the fuge. So it knocked the pump down to half without overheating it or causing any long term wear. It didn't work since I still had a 3/4" drain and I'm glad it didn't since I no longer need it and the tank works better now.



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