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Ckyuv's 90g


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All the cool guys have done it so I think Ima make a build thread. I'm starting a new tank again, hopefully it's the last new tank for a very long time. My house is upside down with the living room and kitchen on the 2nd floor and the bedrooms downstairs. I want the tank where everyone will see it so the tank is in the dining/beer pong area upstairs. I have been skeptical about putting a big tank in the house since its not on the ground floor but through a lot of reading it seems I should be fine with a 90 gallon. I have done multiple tanks in the past and will stick with the tried and true ways that have worked for me all along.

I have been planning on upgrading for a while so I have been stuffing my 60 gallon full of rock as well as the sump to get everything seeded. I'm sure my tang will love being able to have space to swim again. I plan to use about 50% of my sand and do the rest new with the Fiji pink live sand.

Flow: mag 9.5 return and maxspect gyre in tank

Lighting: 4 x Kessil a360w-e



Blue Digi

Garf Bonsai

ORA Hawkins Echinata

ORA Joe The Coral

ORA Pearlberry

ORA Setosa

ORA Tricolor Valida

ORA Yellow Lantana Montipora

PC Rainbow Acropora

Purple Pink Prostrata

Rainbow Millepora

Rainbow Nasuta

Red Dragon

Rommels Watermelon

Strawberry Shortcake

Tyree Pink Lemonade

Soft corals:

Green and Purple Frogspawn


Tyree Space Monster


5 x chromis

Flame Hawkfish

Melanuris Wrasse

Yellow Tang


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I moved everything into tank, I don't liked rock work too much so it will probably change tomorrow but here's what it looks like as of right now. I will clean up wires and post pics of sump tomorrow. My 2 week old gyre went out already after being in the tank about 4 hours. The impeller bushing stripped out so I just ordered new ones, I hope they come soon I'll be using an mp10 until it arrives.


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The maintainence of the gyre has held me back from getting one. The reviews seem to be about 25% or more catastrophic failure within a month, and then the distributors reccommend a full break down and clean at least every 3 months. At a $300 price point this is just not acceptable to me.

I added a sicce voyager to my 2 Koralia and for $75 I couldn't be happier!. Thinking anout selling both Kora's and getting another Sicce and calling it a day!

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Yep I should have done more reading As to the maintenance of the gyre before I got it, they don't just tell you to soak it in vinegar, you are supposed to completely disassemble the darn thing.

I just got back from the hardware store, I got longer auxiliary cables for the kessils, wire managers, longer hoses for dosing pumps and glue for the rocks. Guess I get to spend another whole day messing with the tank again

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Alright so today I changed my rocks a little bit, got the wires I needed for the lighs and cleaned up wiring a little bit. On my apex I'm running 4 kessils, a 300w heater, my mag 9.5 and my two doser pumps. I think the connection from the apex screen to the apex because every time I move it the screen turns off for like 10 mins. I also bought a glass thermometer because the apex seems like the temp is off and it confirmed the apex is off by 3-4 degrees (or me and the thermometer are wrong)

There will be more wire management to come!

I really am trying to go to the Texas coral fest or whatever it's called next weekend to get some Jason fox frags but I can't get off work, I'm 95% sure I'm going to quit my evening/weekend job if they don't give me off since working on Sunday's is rediculous anyways




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I was getting a lot of micro bubbles in the sump so I'm going to add a filter sock until I get more lr for the sump. This is the same sump I had in my 60 but the first chamber was full of rock wich helped with bubbles. I was looking online and it looks like mesh bags work well too without catching too much and causing nitrate issues. Other than that I do a 5g water change every Friday when I get off my day job before i go to work at night it's just a bad habit lol.

I've had 2 turbo snails in my old tank but I feel like adding more fish I'll need something for the sand so I added 2 nessarius snails as well as a conch snail.

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One of the reasons I went with 4 lights rather than 2 or 3 is for the shading. With the kessils the light comes from a single point and you get shading on the bottom sides of corals and the ones on the sides of the tank. Hopefully with more light I can prevent my corals from having dead spots



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so today I came home to brown on the sand, I'm not sure if the tank is going through a cycle or what, I tested everything and seems like everything is in check

Ca: 450

Alk: 8

Temp: 77

Nitrate: 0

Phosphate: 0.2

I think it's just Dino but I'm not sure I could tell the diff between Dino, cyano and diatoms lol

On a side note I got the parts to fix the gyre and it's working.... Kind of..... If I have it set where it reverses directions it turns off everytime It stops to change, the pump is sweet when it works but I think they should have maby tried it out before they sold them. I can only use it if it's just steady running in one direction. I wouldn't be surprised if I came home and it was dead one day. I would never recommend one to anyone.



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Good news on the diatoms, I think I got paranoid when I saw Sascha build thread. I just got a bottle of acropower to try out as there seems to be a lot of good reviews and i remember seeing that it could cause a diatom bloom at first before the tank catches up to it.

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I retract any negative statements I made on my gyre. I have had bad luck with it from the start but I guess that could be expected using a new product. I talked to coralvue on Thursday to let them know I was still having issues after they sent me my replacement part and when I checked the mail today I had a new gyre. As long as this one works I'll be happy. Apparently the controllers were an issue when switching into reverse mode for some so they sent me whole new unit instead of just a controller. Now I have one that only goes in normal mode and one that does both lol.

I saw Ty at rca and he made me buy a ssc frag and then I went to sams and got beautiful frags from his tank. My photo skills suck but now i get some colorful milles as well :)


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Nice colors!

Good to hear about the gyre; I knew there would be kinks to the first line, there always are. I am anxious to see what the news on the MP40 drop is and how the gyre will affect the market as a whole.

Personally, I am going to keep my flow as is until the second generation of low profile "fans" comes out. Hopefully that will happen before I NEED more flow in the tank!

I'm interested to see how this new unit works out for you!

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Tank went through a small cycle, when i moved the rocks I drilled a bunch of 1/2" holes in all the rocks on the top for placing plugs in which made a mess so I rinsed them in the sink. I'm thinking this possibly caused a die off and along with adding 4 more fish my sand bed and rock work started to get a lot of algae. I vacuumed the sand and did a water change, added a protein skimmer (eshops) and added bio-spira. I also accidentally added a naso tang. Anyime I'm within view of my fish they swim to the top right corner of the tank where I feed them. Usually they make me feel bad and I do it but this time I only took a pic :P algae has cleared up and I think next week I will add my last fish, a flame hawk.



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Looking good! Part of adding frags to my tank now I cut them off plug and attatch to new one after I dip so im sure that stunts growth but it's already getting more pink. Sorry if I took the big one, your the one who made me buy it!

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