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It's been three years (or so) since I got a 29BC hand me down and received a crash course in reef keeping. In that time I've gained the knowledge and confidence to finally get what I've always wanted....something BIGGER!

This will by no means be my last and final tank, but they say the third one is a charm so here goes!

Having the wife on board is always a good idea and it was she who purchased the 90 gallon reef ready for me as a christmas gift.

I picked it up on the 22nd and have been working feverishly since. It's finally set up and running and the 46 BF is broken down so I decided to take a break and start my first tank build thread!

Sorry, I don't have pics downloaded yet but will try to get to that this weekend.

Back ground:

My second tank was a drilled 46 BF (soon to be up for sale) skimmerless system. It was over built from the begining in anticipation of one day getting something in the 100 gallon TWV area and transfering as much as possible. I run a turf scrubber as my main source of filtration and have mostly 12" BML's for lighting. Crushed gravel substrate, live rock, and sump as a whole were all tranfered to the new tank.

The new tank is a single overflow vs the triple on the 46, so that's got me a bit nervous, but other than that I am stoked about the new purchase!

Next priorities are :

1. increase water flow .. Gyre perhaps? Current reutrn pump is Sicce 4.0, so a little under powered

2. increase light...Thanks to Sacha I am pretty sure I'll be going with the ocean revive

3. get QT tank back up and running in anticipation of new stock now that the stupid Maroon Clown is GONE!

4. Make corrections to 40 Gb sump and replace current custom acrylic

5. increase light on refugium area of new sump (probably a 12" BML once new lights are installed in DT)

So I guess that gets us started; I am doing my best not to tinker too much and let the tank stablilize over the next couple weeks and see if I get a bloom. I can't find much info where ATS's are concerned, but so far almost NO change in water chemistry.

I suppose that does bring up somthing I should share:

I only added 30 lbs of live rock ('dome) when transfering from the 46; this brings me to about 75 lb total. Red sea reef foundation was used on the 46 (to a tee!) and reef pro salt used to set up the new tank. The two new rocks "cooked" with no light for a month in freshly mixed reef pro salt water, with a clown to start cycle. Having moved the entrie already running sump with oversized turf scrubber to the new tank, I am anxiously waiting to see (or not see) the results!

Pics up soon!

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I did, and just last night I was thinking about tweaking it!

It currently runs on a ball valve stemmed off the single overflow; I am considering running it off a pump instead. I am concerned that on a single overflow algea growth could back up the flow into the DT without anywhere else to go.


I need to change my overflow somehow so that it doesn't run into two semi-closed ball valves controlling flow and noise.

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I use a WP40 on my 90 and I am wanting more flow on it. I'm starting to hear more and more issues with the gyre as far as noise goes but it should be about perfect flow in this size tank. The jebao WP's or RW's should work as well for fairly cheap.

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I also use a wp40 and a wp25 on my 90 gallon. The wp40,when clean, can only be run on w1 at the medium or low setting. If I put it on else it blows the sand down to the glass on the opposite end of the tank and buries my zoos. W1 on high speed makes the wave splash on the rim and create a mess

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So, how do I go back and edit previous posts??

stand 1-4-15

Sump 1-4-15

FTS 1-4-15

Here are some pics finally, been having some issues with uploading as well....
I increased internal flow with a Sicce voyager. First time using this pump and I really like it for the price. I have always loved my 4.0 return so decided to try this at only $75. I have decided to hold out on a gyre until I am not hearing so many performance issues from them. Seems 25% or more are failing within the first month or two.
Big shout out to Travis at Nikos, I picked up a pair of tangs yesterday (small yellow and small Pbrown) and worked out a deal for store credit on my 46 BF. Picked up a hanna phos checker and some other misc supplies as well as 3 new coral pieces today. SCORE!! Wife is happy, I think one of Travis's guys is going to take the tank and I got a shopping spree...it's a win win win.
On the down side, I confirmed as I suspected I didn't cook the new LR long enough and phos is .26...Guess I should bring GFO online until it gets back down.
QT tank (29 BC) up and running upstairs and waiting for first inhabitants. I put the tangs straight in the tank as I believe QT does them more harm than good, and am thinking dwarf angel of some kind for the third and final "large" fish in the tank. After that....I just haven't decided on schooling fish...beng Card's are out, but maybe PJ's; wife likes anthias but I'm not sure 90 is big enough for 2 tangs a dwarf and an anthias school.
Close ups of corals for documentation purposes coming soon!
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Tank looks sweet! An anthias school would be awesome, if I had a canopy id put an auto feeder on so I could add them. I like what you did on the right side of the stand for the controller and power strips

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I have a feeder, not installed yet, but makes it very tempting!!

The electrical panel was the rear center support I removed from the stand so the 40 breeder can fit. It's in the garage curing silicone and should go in next weekend I hope.

Thanks for the compliment!

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Ordered Ocean Revive T247 X2 today. We will see how the shipping goes!

My small amount of BML's wasn't cutting it (I LOVE the lights) but for the price and coverage I had to try the Ocean Revive fixtures.

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just one 24" super Act and 3 12" reef spec.

Everything is open, and has extension, but I don't need a par meter to know I am >100 at the floor; prob less than 50 really. I have had to move a couple zoas off the beach and onto rock before they would open, so not enough.

When I got to thinking about it, I could have 2 Ocean revive fixtures for the cost of 2 more 12" reef spec; I need 5 at least!!!

I originally bought a 12" BML reef spec to replace the whites in my BC29, then one more and the 24" blue for my 46BF. All of which worked great! But, now that I am seeing what I am seeing in this 90, I realize I could've and probably shoud've been running more light on my 46. Knowing that tells me I should be running at least 86" of reef spec and 48" of blue MIN for the depth of the 90. Then add on more once 50-75% grown out.

I love the color of the BML's and would highly suggest them to anyone looking for small fixtures, or that can not use the "box" style LED's like the Revive or Max spc rzr; but at the price point offered and considering I can't find a single negative review I pulled the trigger.

The past few days coral color seems to be going down ( I could be imagining it) and I have been postponing new coral while the tank settles in so I thought it was a good time to spend money on lights.

Hopefully this is still a good fixture and in production 3-4 years from now when I upgrade again!

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How's the tank coming? Coral color improving at all? I noticed one big issue with upgrading was adding so much new water my nutrients were prettying non existent again so I've had to feed a lot to raise them!

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Ya, it's time for an update. I've been waiting on post editing pics of the lighting upgrade; but since you ask....

The new oceanic revive 7's are getting broken in and I am very impressed with the PAR they seem to provide though I haven't actually measured it. My blue stylo is a bit sunburned from 30-45 seconds of me cranking the lights up which shocked me. Zoas on the bottom are comming back out and it is obvious I didn't have enough PAR. Currently running 25% blue and 12%white.

I am not yet happy with flow, and haven't decided what to do about it. I'm honestly waiting a few months to see what happens with the gyre before making a plan. I am fine for what is in the tank now, but need to increase before long.

Tank is now a couple weeks fallow short of 2 pipefish and I need to round out the QT tank before the time lines cross and I am waiting on QT rather than DT.

The turf scrubber continues to do well at filtering the tank overall. I could get higher PO4 decrease with more water changes, but at ~.10 and decreasing I am not horribly concerned. It's a .16 decrease over 3 weeks with 20% water change in that time; so we are on track considering 1/3 of the rock is new. I am currently supplimenting Red Sea Coral food A&B at 2X the recommended daily dose to maintain feeding and cycle.

I am about done with crabs! My fuge produces snails, but not at enough rate to recover from death by hermit. I am working the crabs out and going another route; cucumber and more snails in my future. Also, now that the H. shrimp are gone probably some small stars and a couple more urchin.

I'm changing my overflow manifold to increase number of applicable valves and raise the turf scrubber higher in the sump increasing it's size and light coverage. I also need some more rubble and LR in chamber 1 of the sump.

As far as testing and nutrient I have been amazed at how my 8"X8" turf scrubber and 50# of "old" live rock has kept the new tank stable. I've still had little to no bloom, no mini cycle, and the only coral upsetting I've seen has been obviously light related. I am already seeing pod population in the sump which is still WAY low on rock and vegetation. I couldn't be more pleased; I haven't lost a single specimen other than a pipefish I'm convinced was in a rock when I moved from the 46.

Flow is the obvious next thing to address and then I can move on to dosing. I am already having a hard time restraining myself from purchases knowing I am going to move 6-9 months from now!

Since I am posting, I should say thanks to Nikos for having a gold torch left, I haven't been able to resist a peice or two, and under this is the first new peice under the new lights and I am very happy.


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Still haven't gotten a color I'm excited about, but that could be related to the overdose of alk a few weeks back.

I am up to 10% white and 45% blue, and am hoping to get up tp 75% by the end of the month or a few days after. My old tank is up and running at nikos (different livestock) and everytime I see it I miss the color of the BML's. On the other hand, all my zoas on the bottom and underneath overhangs are making a comeback nicely. SPS is growing and softies are thriving of course. So, overall I like the lights a lot, the coverage and power is more than I will ever need for this tank which can't be beat for $300 delivered.

I am still having some difficulty dialing in a daily dose with the red sea three part, but I am very close! I still have a few weeks of fallow to go through and although I am feeding Reef energy I am worried that PO and N are both at true 0...I am debating either just adding some rods to the tank every couple days, or taking the turf scrubber off line for awhile; I decreased the photoperiod on the scrubber and fuge for now.

So, roughly 3 months in if these are my biggest problems I am right on track! I haven't added much lately, I am changing jobs and need new filters for the RO, and I think I may switch to the BRS two part doser for greater consistancy.

I'll snap some pics when the lights are on later today.

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