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sly fox

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im not actually from austin <blush> but from katy but come to austin quite a bit

as we have family there... but thought it would be nice to check out whats going

on reef wise in austin..

lance :)

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thanks guys..

well ive only been in Tx for 3 months...im a brit...

my tank finished cycling and is looking good... so im setting up a second one now...

its a perm move, so its nice to be able to have something thats going to stay put..

havent been to to many fish stores generally since ive been here...a couple in houston and san antonio

as i suffer terribly from fish envy and it kills me waiting for the cycling to end... but now im there.... adding

a few tweaks to the setup

which stores should i check out? ... im quite intrigued by austin aqua farm and it looks like they have some awesome stuff!

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