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It's time to spend your Christmas money and get what you want.
I will be buying a clam so I will be halfway to free shipping and may even order something else although I'm undecided on what I want.
Due to sales and diver den specials the order will be placed on Jan 1st to take advance of any discounts and ensure everything is available.
Order will be shipped to my work off mopac/duval so I can accept the package when it arrives.
Due to their holiday shipping schedule the order will arrive on Jan 6th.
Pickup for north people can be at my work between 9am and 5pm.
Pickup for south people can be at my house by the 130 toll and 969/MLK close to ABIA.
Order placement is contingent of meeting free shipping and this GB will be rescheduled if free shipping is not met.
Payment can be via paypal to [email protected] or cash can be given prior to order placement.

This portion will be updated with everyone's totals
$125 DD Clam (Brian Srock)
$50 Blue Tang (Brian Srock)
$20 Royal Gamma (mikemcd) *PD
$7 Regal Damsel (mikemcd) *PD
$9 Banded Coral Shrimp (mikemcd) *PD
$23.96 4x Blue/Green Reef Chromis (dshel) *PD
$19.99 Green Mandarin (dshel) *PD
$29.99 Rusty Pink Millepora, Aquacultured (dshel) *PD
$55 Hippo Tang Small/Medium (joshhh) *PD
$23.99 Blue Velvet Nudibranch (TheOceanTraveler) *PD

$61.99 Yellow Belly Blue Tang (Vincent-Thai) *PD

$363.93 Total

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I want to order a clam but I have a pigmy angel fish. I did some research and apparently it's a bad combo. Do y'all have any advice regarding these two I don't want to risk the life of the clam. Other than that this group order would be awesome for me.

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For diver's den stuff you'd need to let me know the day before so we can calculate free shipping and I would make sure your all set up on paypal and Thursday at 7:30 am double check that it's available and let me know and paypal the money and i'll get it ordered.

Still going for the peppermint basslet?

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