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Cable management advice


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Merry Christmas everyone. As I'm exporting truckloads of tissue paper, wrapping paper, and clothing boxes from the house, I can't help but think critically

About my tank. As some of you know, I fragged myself and have a little one in the house, now a month old. Nothing is baby proof, especially the tank. I need advice.

My tank is a rats nest of code violations and fire hazards waiting to happen. I set it up with neater goals in mind but didn't pan out and I've been lazy about it. Here's the situation.

Tank is 8" off the wall

Leaving work and wire running space. It's scary looking but too late now. Not draining the tank and moving it.

Left side is open and you can see down the back, right side has an equipment cabinet against the wall which houses the ATO bucket, ballasts, drivers, and apex. Pics included. Help! I need ideas on how to clean this up an make it more manageable.







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am i only one that's going to mention it? the shoe coral looks so much less fluorescent in real light! I knew it!

I've been dealing with this issue for a while too. I think its a result of some power cords being too short, and then consequently some cords being to long and having a lot

of left over extension cord lying around. maybe start consolidating the power blocks in a central, defendable, area ( argh the battle of baby proofing!) and then reappropriate extension cords accordingly. you might be able to get rid of a bundle, or two.

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