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What skimmer do you think is best?

Chad and Belinda

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I'm know everyone has their favorite brands and some are just as good as others but I would like to hear some input from y'all. We have a 105 gallon tank with a 40 gallon sump. We have about 150 pounds of very porous live tock. I use GRO and carbon. I will have a 3" sandbed when I put the tank back together (had to break it down while a new floor was installed) and a 4" sandbed in the refugium. I use LEDs that are on 8 hours a day including "sun up and sun down" mode I tend to overfeed so please keep that in mind. This will be a new skimmer as I want to have more options available to me. Right now I am looking at a Reef Octopus Regal, possibly the DC 200 SSS. This skimmer comes with a controller but I haven't really figured out how or if that would cut down on over skimming or if in fact that would be an issue. However, I am far from making a firm decision. As an FYI, this will be a mixed reef a variety of fish.

Is it possible to overskim?

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