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120 Gallon Oceanic Brick Tank with Custom Mahogany Stand ***SOLD***


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I have been debating setting this tank up a separate SPS growout tank but I have decided that I want something just a little bit bigger.

This tank is an Oceanic Brick Tank 48x24"x24"

It is on a custom 100% mahogany stand. There is no plywood or particle board at all. It is all cabinet grade wood built by a custom house and cabinet builder.

It is drilled for a closed loop with overflow on the back glass. Made to run two separate pumps. One in the sump and the external closed loop.

There are 2x250 watt metal halides on 2x250 watt Icecap ballasts. And there are 2x48" T12 VHO Super Actinic lights on a Icecap 660-009 ballast.

I am asking $600 for the tank stand and canopy without the lights.

Or $750 for the tank stand canopy with the light and ballasts

I also have a REEFLO dart snapper that was to be used for the closed loop pump for $150

If you want everything all together I will sell it for $800




Please call or text 512-653-5415 if interested or with any questions.

Located in South Austin

Delivery available for extra charge

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Tank, stand, canopy and lights, auto top off, heater, sand and 4 cooling fans for $600.

I can include live rock covered in Palys for $2 a pound if purchased with the setup.

I'll also add the Reeflo Snapper into the deal for $100 extra

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