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Rainbow Milliporas


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I just got a couple of different pieces of Rainbow Milli's in today and I didn't realize how large they actually were so I am going to frag a couple of pieces off of each.

They will be fresh cut and will need at least a full week to heal properly.

Pickup will be after Christmas

PayPal only to reserve. No exceptions

I am located in Onion Creek but I will meet you if you need me to.

10% discount if you buy more than one.

Please call or text 512-653-5415 for fastest response.

I will refer to them as A,B,&C

A) Frags will be at least 1" single branch $30 2 SOLD - 2 AVAILABLE

1 large Multi branch frag available and will be $50 SOLD


B) Frags will be at least 1" $25 2 SOLD - 3 AVAILABLE

Multi Branch Frags $40 2 AVAILABLE


C)Frags will be at least 1" $30 2 SOLD - 2 AVAILABLE

1 Multi Branch frag for $45 1 STILL AVAILABLE


I have other pieces of both of these colonies that I am considering trimming down in size. Just PM me and we can discuss what you are wanting.

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Post updated. Sorry if I caused any confusion with my post with the cheaper frags. Some just were cut a bit smaller than expected and I wanted those to go a bit cheaper. Plenty more nice frags available of everything.

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