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Do you use an aquarium tracker?


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I know their are a few differnt ways of tracking your aquarium form the old fashioned to useing apps on you smart phone.

I want to know what you use the most.

The Old fashioned way


aquaplanner pro

Aquatic log

Apex controler

Angel reef controller

Or a differnt controller

Sorry I couldn't make a poll on my phone.

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I don't use controllers but the functions where they call if there are problems are a tempting reason for their use. I like redundancy so I would not have a controller setup where if it failed I would loose a critical function which would crash the tank.

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Be carefull with controllers, some need a computer hooked up 24/7 to record data. Otherwise, it's just a display on the screen.

For example, I run a reefkeeper but do not keep a computer hooked up full time.

I enter the PH and temp from the screen onto my spreadsheet every day.

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