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2 more ID's please


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Sorry about this, but I would like to pick yall's brains again and get these identified. They were with the tank when I got it, and I have yet to get them completely identified.

This one, I've looked and can't find what I consider to be an exact match. I think it is pink colt coral (Cladiella sp.)


This one, I think may be Sinularia Finger Leather. At night, this one shrivels up and turns kind of a greenish purple.


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The first could be a colt. Klyxum sp. Colt corals can sometimes be hard to identify but they all have that shape.

The second one is a tree coral. Paralemnalia sp.

I never heard of a specific leather being called by specific name, like blue, red or pink. Except the green ones that have popped up recently, they're all that nude beige color. Some are more healthy than others and some have better lighting, but they don't vary much.

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