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34G Solona AIO


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Broke down my 34G Solona All-In-One setup the other week and looking to get someone setup with a great plug and play system. Tank has been used for a few years and has a few scratches on the glass. I can try to get pictures of those but there are not many, just sand getting stuck between the magnet cleaner and the glass unfortunately. Would like to sell the tank, stand and parts together and not part out. If you have any questions feel free to send me a pm, thanks for looking!

Asking $150

Dimensions: 20x20x20

-Upgraded pump

-Original skimmer (would need to be replaced in my opinion)

-Two ato bottles that sit over the pump return section

-Lighting, 20'' 2-bulb T5 aquaticlife fixture with daytime and blue bulb

-20lbs+ aragonite sand

-Stand, old end table that has been warped around the edges of the tank

-Heater, not pictured





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