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Making your own fish food?


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With all of my large tangs and new school of Anthias', I'm going through a lot of rods food. I was thinking about making my own with mixed seafood, etc. Has anyone done this and found some good mixes/ places to get them From?

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I have bought bag of raw mixed sea food at Walmart added a little garlic, blender and make my own frozen sheets. Last a long time depending on how much you, feed. I did not feed everyday food i also feed flakes and pellets for variety. all my fish are fat and healthy looking, great colors.

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I run an autofeeder with Thera+ Pellets that runs twice a day. I've been feeding more frozen lately because of my new Anthias' school and some new tangs that may not be eating the pellets yet. My fish are horribly fat.... lol

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The melevs reef article is pretty good.

Central market is really good if you want an assortment of seafood. You can get a bunch of different seafoods at the same time and you can see the quality of what you're getting. Whole foods would be good as well, but central market usually has a way larger seafood section at about half the cost of wholefoods. I'm apprehensive about getting mixed or prepackaged unless I know there's no additives in there. I would also avoid farm raised shrimp and fish if possible. Lots of potential for chemicals and antibiotics to be added to their food, especially when they aren't farmed in well regulated areas.

Basically, fresh shrimp, squid, clams, and oysters, all wild except oysters which are usually farmed.

I would add spirulina powder. You can also add nori, commercial flakes or pellets, lightly cooked spinach, gelatin, cooked eggs, oyster eggs, garlic, selcon or assorted vitamins.

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2 lb. batch of food.

Brightwell Aquatics Vitamarin-M, 250 ml

Brightwell Aquatics Vitamarin-C, 250 ml

Brightwell Aquatics Fish Amino Acids,250 ml

Selcon, 60 ml

PE mysis, 1 pack

H2O Life Cyclops,

1 pack H2O Life Mini Mysis,

1 pack H2O Life Fish and Reef #2 H2O Life Brown Algae

At the grocery store I picked up:

1 lb. fresh shrimp

1/2 lb. fresh scallops

1/4 lb. fresh squid with tentacles

10 live clams

I then pulled out some Cyclop-Eeze, Kent Garlic X-treme and some green algae (nori) that I already had at home. All of the fresh ingredients were kept very cold. I rinsed the PE mysis in some RO water, but nothing else was rinsed.

I split the above ingredients into 2 batches. The liquid additives were poured into the processor, then the fresh seafood and algae sheets were added. These were permitted to soak for about 5 minutes so that the seafood and nori would absorb the vitamins and aminos. I then added the frozen bits and about 10 droppers full of Garlic X-treme before grinding up the gruel. The contents were poured into ziploc bags and flat frozen immediately

I've found it cheaper to buy Rod's Food than make my own.

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I got all my stuff at whole foods to make sure it was all 100% organic and still washed it all but the price was decent. I threw in all kinds of stuff like phyto, amino acids, garlic, brine shrimp, cyclopeeze, Mysis shrimp, 3 different types of kelp, 2 different types of seaweed, carrots, lettuce, spinach, oysters, clams, and regular shrimp.

You'll want to do this once at it's pretty awful so make as much as you can and freeze it. I may still have a Ziploc of the stuff I gave you last time.

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