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Lost a Blue/Green Chromis


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Around Noon, I noticed one of the Blue/Green Chromis swimming near the bottom of the tank. It half heartily swam off and I couldn't find him. Well when I got home he was hermit crab/snail food.

I got 6 Blue/Green Chromis all at the same time, several months back right after the tank was fallow due to bacterial outbreak. They have all been doing fine, schooling in the top third of the tank. About a month ago they started hiding in their sleeping spots. Except the runt of the school, he's been cursing around the tank like the other used to do.

They only come out to feed, SOMETIMES. Why would they all do fine with traffic moving past the tank until recently? I double check the water, even checked for ammonia. All is normal.

The invertebrates are doing great, even my People Eater Zoas are rebounding.

Anyone have a guess as to what is going on?



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He got picked off by tank mates. You may end up w/ only one Chromis in the end. Only sure fire way to keep a school of Chromis is to buy about 12 -15 and they will pick off 3 or 4 of themselves leaving you w/ 9 - 12. Buying in small numbers usually does not work

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