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Spotted Hawk - Pop-eye


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About 10 days ago, maybe two weeks, my spotted hawk was kind of upside down floating on its side, and a hermit crab was messing with his left eye. I check him with a feeding stick and he moved, but he was kind of ridged, spikes up and tense. I feed him and he gobbled up 4 or so freeze-dried planktons, and went back to his normal self. His eye was a little swollen, over the next few days he has been eating well.

The eye got a little worse, then stated to go down. Last night it was a little larger. This morning one part of the eye has a spot. :-(

He is still swimming and eating very well. Swimming so well that catching him could be difficult.

Ammonia: 0.0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: maybe a little over zero, so close I can't tell

Salinity: 1.025
Phosphate: 0

Temp: 79

Other livestock in tank: Clown, frogspawn, torch, zoas, snails, brittel star and hermit crabs.

His other eye is fine, but what should be my next step?

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Sorry to hear that but outside of catching and putting in a QT and treating with some antibiotics not much outside of feeding it with immune boosting food additives like garlic or medicated food which I personally would be careful.

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