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Shrimp Haven 2.1


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Idk if anyone remembers my old FW shrimp setup that I ended up having to sell..


But it had to be by far my favorite freshwater tank I have ever owned. (Of course my Oscar and Dinosaur Biscuit are still my favorite fish)

It was fun to "build" and awesome to watch the shrimp reproduce. I was even breeding Ghost Shrimp in there, which can be difficult.

Any who.. during the Friends & Family event at work (everyone gets 15% off and I get 30% ) I bought this Top Fin 3 gallon half cylinder tank. I had already previously decided on starting a shrimp tank again and had three shrimp in a 1.5 gallon hex tank with some plants and nothing but an air stone for some circulation. They do well. Even the Cobra Endler/Guppy.. these normally perish quickly at the store even with prestine Parameters.


The "old tank" the corners made it hard to see and it was old plastic that was yellowing. I got it for free from a member here with a box of fishy stuff.


New tank. 5 pounds of white National Geographic brand sand. Pretty heavy grain compared to the "super naturals" and was clean even before rinsing. Not bad at all. I use the Nat geo gravel in my Betta Tank which will also get updates in this thread.. and I love it.


Cobra "Endler's Guppy" as they are labeled at work. Hes super healthy and active. Awesome!

I need to get some more plants.. and a Mystery Snail. I may *** in a shoal of Oto Catfish or something similar and tiny. Ill need more shrimp of course. Trying to find lots of variety. As of now its a "Yellow Cherry", Red cherry, and Rili Red. Only male is the Rili Red.

Tank also has a Tetra 50w heater.. an ammonia alert sticky thingy.. thermometer.. and awesome LEDs that turn almost every color and can do patterns. Fun stuff.

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That's a cool little tank. Is it a half round?

Yup. A Top Fin 3.3 gallon 180 degree view tank. The LEDs are pretty neat and growing the plants well.

Ill get some update pics when i get off around noon :3

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Not too much has changed. Added some moss balls and removed some plants


Red cherry shrimp


Rainbow Goby


One male guppy

And of course the baby guppies from a female that gave birth then died. I counted 6 earlier


Dirty but this is my newest betta tank with a new betta, Darth Betta


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Picked up a blue diamond shrimp i believe was the name and an "assorted rilli" that appears to be dolid black but not very bold. But still, ive been dying for a black shrimp and I got one. So now I have a Red, Rili Red, Orange, Blue, Black, and a few ghost shrimp (two berried females)

Still have the goby, male guppy, and six babies. I had another female but she lasted maybe a week again. I think the male was pestering them too much so I may not add another female and if I do tll be a trio so hes not bugging just one.

No picture updates as it looks exactly the same besides minimal plant growth and a lot of pest snails. Im planning on getting two assasin snails.. One for that tank and one for my new betta cube

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Rainbow goby ate my two new shrimp.. And possibly the male guppy as he disappeared off the face of the planet as well. Goby has been relocated to my moms betta tank with Darth Betta. Doing great in there. Her betta is very docile unlike mine who would tear sir Goby a new one.

No new updates really. Looks like I have a Rili red, Red cherry, and orange shrimp left. As well as a few ghost shrimp

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My orange shrimp is berried! Which is great, considering I only have three shrimp. I assume the father is my Rili Red as thats the only male in that tank. Probably going to be some poop colored babies lol

But.. The rainbow goby terrorized and tried to eat my moms betta.. So he was exiled to my brothers turtle tank last night. As far as im aware he made it past the mouths down into the rocks.

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