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Misc. Frag Cleanout

Nano Reefer Ky

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So I have decided to take a turn in my stocking list and need to get rid of some frags I no longer wish to grow out.

I would also be willing to trade for any of your frags. I am interested in colorful mushrooms mainly but would consider just about anything.

1st picture of acans from left to right.
1 - 2 full polyps, 4 baby polyps - $10
2 - 6 full polyps, 1 baby polyp - $20
3 - 3 full polyps, 2 baby polyps - $15

2nd picture of hammer - $5 (free with the purchase of any other frag)

3rd picture of blue green candy cane, 5 polyps all splitting - $15

4th picture of bright green candy cane, 3 polyps - $15

Thanks for looking. PM or text me 512-799-8327.





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