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What happened to the TOTM?


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I would volunteer to actually write the articles if the person is at least willing to have a 10 minute phone call to give me the details. I enjoy TOTQ because it is a fun way to actually see other people's tanks in our club.

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I agree that I enjoy it too. That is why I have tried to push it. However, like Andrew said the winner has never given us any info. Maybe we should do private nominations and all the moderators can get together and pick one. Then we might be able to get it done.

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Hey guys -

Here's a suggestion:

1.) You can/should only nominate your own tank or a tank you are the primary caretaker of.

(this is not an effort to make people conceited, It's the truth that the only one who really knows all about

your tank and how it operates and how it got into the condition we see it in today -is you, the 24 hr caretaker of

said tank.) -anyways -- you can definitely urge others to write about their tanks, and submit their tanks, - but

you can't make people do it - ya know ?

2.) Along with photos, you must include a write-up describing a short history and equipment (at least 120 words).

(This means - yes there will be effort - but hey - anything worthwhile, like our wonderful tanks - is worth it.)

3.) Content copyright remains with the author (tank owner/submitter), and appropriate notices © will be posted.

4.) All submissions should be posted whether or not they win.

This should work with most people. I think and you will probably get more submissions this way.

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