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December 2014 Photo Contest


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Photo Contest:

Enter a photo of anything reef/fish tank related.

Submit your photos to the following gallery: December 2014 Photo Contest Gallery. Submissions close at midnight December 31st. Voting will begin first week of January through January 15th.

1st place prize - $25 in Reefs2Go Gift Certificates ($50 if we have more than 5 entries!)

Happy shooting!

Please note the rules:

  • Picture must be taken by you.
  • One entry per person.
  • Picture must be aquatic themed/related.
  • You may win once every 12 months. I.E., if you win a in March, you will not be able to enter again until March of the next year. This gives everyone a chance to win the contests throughout the year.

* Photos submitted may be used to promote ARC or be reprinted in our annual calendar (with proper attribution).

Add the Winners are. . .

January - JeeperTY
February - Mo'sMyName
March - CaptainK
April - dapettit
May - versace
June - bigsby
July - Reeflover
August - KimP
September -
October -
November -
December -

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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