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Stocking list ideas


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I currently am in the process of setting up a new 125 Gallon aquarium I just bought thank you @tickle-fish for the project aquarium.

I'm looking at my stock list options.

The tank is going to be set up as a SPS domant tank

So most of the fish will have to live in peace with the corals.

This is my list so far

blue jaw trigger.

Golden Dwarf Moray Eel.

Black angelfish

Black tang

Yellow tang - currently own

Flame angelfish - currently own

Square back anthias group of 3

Law mower blenny

Bi-color blenny- currently have 2+ years

3 banggai cardinal

Maroon clown - currently own 2+ years

2 yellow prawn Gobys - currently own 5+ years

What is your thoughts good, bad?

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Agreed to both. I'd say skip the angels, toss in a rabbitfish instead, and change one of your tangs for a different genus. Do a quick search on zebrasoma tangs. They often may not take kindly to other zebrasoma tangs in the same system and can become very aggressive. You're. Definitely closer to appropriate than a lot of first time stocking lists we see. The only real issue I can see with "reef safeness" is with the eel and trigger. While they will not necessarily want to eat coral, you may struggle to keep small fish, crabs, shrimp, and snails alive. You may be fine, but it's pretty common for eels to catch small fish/shrimp as food, and triggers to gnaw on anything with a shell. Beautiful fish though and people definitely pull them off in reefs all the time

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I've been in the hobby for 11 year now worked as the aquatic specialist at petco in Corpus Christi and set up their system in the calalin store in corpus. Opened my online fish store in 2013 Moved back home to austin last November worked at the petco on brodie for a wile. So yeah I know a lot about fish but have not keep any of the guys (except for the ones said I own) in the same tank. I will probaby drop the eel and add pipe fish, drop the trigger and add a fox face. The black tang might switch for a different rare fish and the black angel I was hopeing to get the opposite sex of the flame angel I have fingers crossed and gave them breed but I have so many tanks if I had to I could split them up.

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