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Free crab

Chad and Belinda

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I was reaching around in my sump the other night and to my surprise (shock) I ended up grabbing ahold of this guy. We do a lot of collecting in Port A and he looks like a very large version of the crags I pull out of my nets when we are looking for pipefish and seahorses. Guess he has been growing in our sump for several months now.

I don't know anything about these guys so I can't say for sure how big they get.

If anyone want him let me know. If you know something about him, please let me know that too.


512 nine three four 497 four.


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Sorry, Christian, that is NOT a Sally Lightfoot crab. Those are striped and flatter and don't have as large of claws. I am positive Chad/Belinda know what those look like with their years of experience in the hobby. I don't want newbies taking this thinking it is a Sally Lightfoot....

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