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RCA 10th Annual Holiday Sale December 6th!!!

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I want to thank Austin and its awesome local reef club for the support we have received over the last 10 years. It's a huge milestone for us and we couldn't have done it without our great customers. This year, we're celebrating big and offering amazing deals. Come early for first pick at the tons of fish and corals that will be available. The big event will be all day Saturday, 30% to 50% off all livestock. We will also have raffle prizes, free food and beverages including beer and mimosas for you swanky early birds! We hope you come celebrate with us!



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yes, it's finally upon us! If anyone hasn't stopped by rca in a while, they're putting together an amazing selection of livestock for the sale. if you've never been to the sale, it's a great time that a lot of members turn out to.

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Yesterday's arrivals:

Bicolor Angels
Coral Beauty Angels
Flame Angels
Dispar Anthias
Lawnmower Blennies
Sixline Wrasses
Royal Grammas
Pajama Cardinals
Blue And Gold Damsels
Pearly Jawfish
Deepwater Sailfin Jawfish (cool fish!)
Blue Eye Tang
Sailfin Tangs
Longhorn Cowfish
Blue Hippo Tangs
Dogface Puffer
Firefish Gobies
Yellow Tangs
Melanurus Wrasses
Rainford Gobies
High Fin Antenna Gobies
Green Mandarin Gobies
Bluespot Jawfish
Imperator Angel
Flagfin Angel
Flame Hawks
Naso Tangs
Yellow Eye Kole Tangs
Foxface Rabbits
Yellow Watchman Gobies
Gold Maxima Clams
Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Coral Banded Shrimp
Zoa Rocks
Torch Coral
Green Wellsos
Green Meat Coral
Octopus (species unknown)
Mexican Turbo Snails
Nerite Snails
Cortez Red Leg Hermits
Tonga Nassarius Snails

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Alrighty, got the super specials line-up finalized. We will have the specials pre-bagged so you can grab them and go. A reusable bag would be helpful.

11 AM-Doors Open (Rain, sleet, or snow, fish selling we go!)

Warty/Super Colored Anglers $59.99 ea (Regular $119.99)
Black Ice Clowns $29.99 ea (Regular $69.99)
Ocellaris Clowns $9.99 ea (Regular $19.99)
Da Vinci Clowns (aka Proaquatix Gladiators) $27.99 ea (Regular $69.99)
Firefish Gobies $4.49 ea (Regular $8.99)
Flame Angels $24.99 ea (Regular $49.99)
Ruby Red Scooter Blennies $19.99 (Regular $44.99)
Green Mandarin Gobies $9.99 (Regular $19.99)
Shrimp Goby/Pistol Shrimp Pair $19.99 ea (Regular $39.99)
Fuzzy Dwarf Lions $14.99 ea (Regular $29.99)
Peppermint Shrimp $3.49 ea (Regular $6.99)
Green Emerald Crabs $4.49 Good Sizes! (Regular $8.99)
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp $14.99 (Regular $29.99)
Mexican Turbo Snails $1.49 EA (Regular $2.99)
10 Pack Clean-Up Crew (Mix of Hermits and Snails) $4.99 (Regular $9.99)
Lettuce Nudibranchs $3.99 (Regular $7.99)
Ricordea florida 3 Polyp Pack $29.99/pack (Regular $59.99)
Tyree Pink Watermelon Chalice $37.50 (Regular 74.99)
St. Thomas Mushrooms $9.99 (Regular $19.99)
Acan Lord Christmas Frag Pack (1 red, 1 green) $29.99 (Regular $69.99)
Placidochromis phenochilus Starphire Tanzania 3” $19.99 ea (Regular $39.99)
Super Red Empress 2” $4.99 ea (Regular $9.99)
Electric Blue Ahlis 3” $14.99 (Regular $29.99)
Yellow Lab 3” $9.99 (Regular $19.99)
Assorted Freshwater Angels (half-dollar size) $3.99 (Regular $7.99)

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Nice! I'll be there in line with the others

Right behind me and my mimosa. [emoji23]
and behind me and your manhood! sorry, i couldn't help myself. 200.gif

so...is the line starting tonight?

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It's more manly if you shoot your mimosa and then smash the plastic champagne flute against your forehead!

Ohhh Game of Thrones... come back to me already! I not afraid to admit that I miss you and love you very much! [emoji7]

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I already got Jake to bag up all my frags in champagne flutes, just so I can feel fancy. It's going to be hard to cram a flame angel in one but I have supreme confidence in his bagging ability. I'll also be wearing a tuxedo to commemorate the event (wear tuxedos for no reason... you tell'em Jay-Z).

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