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Reusing Siphoned Sand


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I think I may have had some dinoflagellates on my sandbed, which may be at least part of the source of ongoing coral unhappiness.

Yesterday I siphoned off quite a bit of sand. I put the sand in a container of RODI water for now.

My sandbed is not deep to begin with, so I'd like to know if there is a safe method to recycle that sand back into my tank while not re-introducing any dinos or other algea that was in the mix.

Anyone got a suggestion how to do that?

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I would think you could treat it as new sand and just "wash" it until it stoped clouding the water.

But be careful, jacking with too much sand at once could also cause a mini cycle.

You can fill a container and top it, then sink to bottom of tank upside down and remove top to prevent cloud storms.

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