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120 Gallon Unplanned Softie Tank


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Well, I purchased quite a bit of things this past two weeks and with everything decided I might as well set it all up in one tank. Some of it will be going as a gift here in about a month but until then I thougt I might as well enjoy everything all in one tank and it would be much easier to only have to maintain this one tank for the time being.

The tank is a 120 gallon not drilled, nothing fancy, just a 120 long.

I am running a Fluval FX5 Cannister filter for simplicity and my skimmer is actually in the tank since I hate hang in back skimmers. This one is in the display behind the light in the upper right hand corner. It's a reef octopus bh1000 I believe.

I have a mag 3 on top of the skimmer pump blowing across the tank for added flow and a couple of Koralias.

The lights are an aquatic life 8 bulb t5 which I am actually pretty happy with.

So on this last Tuesday before Thanksgivng this was what I had along with a while bunch of live rock sitting in a couple of 50 gallon trash cans cycling.


On Friday I picked up a nano cube and a 75 gallon and needed a place to store everything while I stored the 75 gallon and decided what to do with it.

I decided to add all of the live rock that I had and everything from the 75 gallon. after adding with intent to just store it I couldn't help but arrange the rock and corals into some sort of aquascape. After about an hour I was satisfied but felt bad for the gobies that I have and a pistol shrimp so last minute I added all of the live sand into the tank also even though I prefer bare bottom. I created a heck of a sandstorm but by this morning everything had calmed down and I was able to snap a couple of photos.

Here is how the tank sits now.




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