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Korallin Calcium Reactor Complete Setup $250


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I have a Korallin Calcium Reactor that has everything you need for a complete setup.

It comes with a Milwaukee sms122 ph meter with probe.

There is a full 5 pound CO2 tank and dual gauge regulator that is virtually brand new

And a second ph probe.

I am firm on $250

Will not hold without PayPal unless you are coming that day.





For fastest response please call or text 512-653-5415

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Wow, everything you need to keep your alk and Ca levels stable for $225? Crazy!

For those not familiar with calcium reactors. The only maintenance this system needs is to swap the CO2 tank out 1x-2x a year (<$25/swap) and refill the media at the same time (one box of media is usually $20-$30 for an entire year)! That's potentially less than $55/year in supplies for perfect alk and Ca levels for your tank! Okay, I lied, you'll need to calibrate the pH probe... I do it every 6 months. The two packets of calibration solution will set you back a whole whopping $3 for both solutions. shifty.gif

This is the exact system I used on my 125-gallon system for 3 years minus I controlled mine through my Apex versus a separate pH controller. Here are the results:

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So sweet of a deal I am actually regretting posting it for $225. Especially after Ty reminded how much I am spending to dose my other tank. It's almost a no brainier to just set it up on that tank. Only reason I haven't is because I don't have a controller on that tank. Anyone have one for sale that isn't a reefkeeper?

I'm actually debating pulling the sale on this guy and holding onto it. I could actually use it the reactor more than I could use the cash right now.

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