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75g Setup - Need Gone By 12/1!


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I hate to have to sell my tanks, but circumstances dictate it... and I need to get them gone by the end of next Monday (December 1st) if at all possible, so I am pricing them to move quickly.

I am selling the complete setup, I don't have time to part out.


This is a 75g standard tank with stand.

HOB Refugium.

Will throw in an extra HOB skimmer.

Current USA LED lights )purchased this year).

2 BML LED strips (Purchased a few years ago, have had amazing growth with them).


Lemonpeel Angelfish.


Starry eyed blenny.

Bluespotted watchman with tiger pistol shrimp.

Halloween hermit crab.

Various zoas, palys, photosynthetic gorgonians, two maxi-mini carpets, etc.

Various hermits (one really large one) and snails.

4 Hydor wavemaker pumps with Red Sea wabemaker controller.

55g water mixing garbage can with pump and heater.

Food, timers, etc included.

Anything else fish related I have that you will take (salt, refractometer, additives, etc).

All for the low price of $400 (OBO)! Again, the lights alone are probably worth that.

I really need this tank gone soon, will be available various times Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Am located outside of Buda... you MUST come pick up the tank.


Pictures of the tank located in this album:

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