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Thanks for the reply.

I inherited him from someone I did not know and the entire 125 gallon tank was badly neglected. I am not sure what size tank he was raised in but 125 should have been sufficient for him.

I have since taken very good care of him but received him exactly as pictured.

I was wondering what he is because I am trying to find him a good home since I recently sold my 125 gallon.

Thanks Sascha!

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Most have both a vertical line and a horizontal line, but the only requirement for the species is the vertical. You'll also notice the red throat similar to a Firemouth.

You can see here that these two have the horizontal line. The second picture also looks like yours.



This one has the horizontal but not the vertical.


Lastly, if you're going to sell him then make sure you tell people that it's a male. You can tell by the developed frontal lobe common among South American Cichlids.

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