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Need to borrow a net...a big one!


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I am in need of a net to catch my Sailfin Tang and place him in the sump until I can get rid of him. Not sure what to do with him? He's much too large and won't let some of the other fish out to feed. He's bullied my Hippo Tang to death...literally. Now he won't let my Naso out from under the rocks. He is about 8" and I really hate to go by a large net for a one time use. Anyone willing to let me borrow one? Call or text me....I live in Georgetown.

BTW: Anyone know of a fish store that might do a trade? I did call Aquatek but they didn't know of anyone that would have a large enough tank. My tank is 225 gallons. I think he would be fine in anything 180+ gallon, with the right type of fish as my tank is merely deeper.







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