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SALTWATER CLEAROUT SALE!!! Prices reduced again


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I have quite a few aquarium related items that I need to sale. They are just taking up space.

All items are best offer. Pickup is in south Austin

I can meet depending on what you purchase.

Will not hold anything more than a couple of hours without PayPal deposit.

All items first come first serve

Text for fastest response. 512-653-5415

20 pound CO2 tank with regulator. Full tank of co2 in it already $100

EuroReef RS80 with pump $50

Euro reef RS80 no pump $25

24" T5 $10

30" Current Sunpod 150 watt double ended metal halide light with internal ballast. Also comes with new bulb that was almost as much as I am asking for the light. $60

6 air pumps take all for $30


Aqua culture mk1501 air pump $4

Aqua culture mk1504 air pump $5

(2) Marina 200 $5 each

Top fin air 4000 $10

Active Aqua aapa54a $15

10 gallon quarantine - heater - hob filter - air pump - take all for $20

BRAND NEW 20 Gallon quarantine tank - 30" coralife light - hob filter for up to 50 gallon - Aqueon pro 100 watt heater - marina 200 air pump new - marineland mj1200 powerhead - hydrometer. Barely used API Saltwater Master Test Kit. TAKE ALL FOR $50





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Im so tempted to by this tunze wavebox from u even know i all ready have one , But the fact that u are also adding AMAZing this is a Sweet deal

Seriously though. I can't believe no one has jumped on that deal. If they aren't gone by this weekend in going to keep one if them and out the other two on another forum and will probably still be able to get what I am asking for all 3 together and the controller. Oh well, I just picked up a 125 and it could use some additional flow.

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Gahhh I want that reefkeeper "O.O"

One day.

Or ill trade you both my dogs and my sister.

Thanks but one full grown little girl and a 2 year old are enough Women in my life as is. ?

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I am the one that asked about the 5 stage RO which I want, what do you have left from this list as well, maybe we can make a deal and I will buy most of it or everything for a low price and you can unload everything in one shot? I am trying to setup a 58 gallon FOWLR tank, and literally have nothing but the tank right now, so anything you got will be helpful.

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