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Quarintine ICH


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Well, my whole tank got ick and about half of my fish died. I really want the ick out of my tank for good and decied to run a quarintine tank with copper for the survivors. (Blue tang, damsel, yellow goby, six like wrasse)

Anyone know how to make a quarintine tank look good so my mom lets me have one inside?

Also copper or hypo salinity? I've heard about both but can't decied which one is better. These fish mean everything to me. Any help is appreciated!!!

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That's tough...

Copper can be a little tricky but is effective.

I've started doing a full 30 day treatment of ParaGuard on new fish. Treating them everyday with it. It's a good catch all medication and is easy on the fish. Just can't miss a day's dosage. Should kill of Ich if dosed for 30 day's straight.

Then do two rounds of PraziPro before or after.

Hyposalinity is tough to get right unless you have a large water volume and ATO. I did it on my display. About a 3-4 month process. Still raising salinity...

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