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HELP - Need auto mechanic


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My kids have finally got their car situation straight so Dad gets the leftovers.

I'm left with a 1996 Blazer that needs transmission and A/C work.

Does anyone know a good, honest mechanic that can tell me what the car needs BEFORE I spend the money?

(Inexpensive would be nice too but I'm not using the word "cheap" since I've had "cheap" mechanical work done in the past and got exactly what I paid for).

I prefer not fixing the A/C and tranny only to find out the engine is on it's way out.

Please reply (or call me at 512-461-3120) if you can recommend anyone.



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I've had good luck with a place called Beach Automotive, in Round Rock. He is the father of a teacher that works with my wife. He fixed both our cars and was very easy to work with. Its a small shop, not a chain. He always called before he did anything and was fairly priced, IMO. Here is the info...

2500 County Road 172

Round Rock, TX 78681

(512) 255-6605

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