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Anyone interested in freshwater?


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I really don't want to part with this, but finances are forcing me to right now. I love this tank, esp. the frogs in it.

46 gallon bowfront with black stand

Light strip is the flat coralife one I believe

fluval canister filter

40 pounds of sand for substrate, maybe more

miscellaneous chemicals and testing kits

fake plants...has small driftwood, but I need to keep the larger piece for my reptiles

air pump and pink coral air accessory

electric blue crawfish

3 albino african clawed frogs that do not bother the current fish, I buy feeder fish for them

a bichir about 7-8 inches

2 spotted african leaf fish

1 or 2 peacock eels

white pleco type fish

some cory cats

a mollie

a few gourami's

a red shrimp...can't remember what it's called

this 3-4" black and yellow striped fish

I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of it right now.

Asking $200 for everything...don't have photos right now because I'm at work.


[email protected]

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