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First I will not ship, but might meet halfway for the right deal.

1. 48" 54 T5 HO retro setup w/2 reflectors (good for 2 bulbs each),3 bulbs (2 white, 1 actinic) 4 end caps, 4 stand offs and 1 ballast $150 new $100 OBO

2. Coralife Super Skimmer "125" This thing skims. If you haven't used a CSS you are missing out. $180 new $100 OBO

3. Mag 18 pump used but good condition. To much pump for my skimmer. $130 new $90 or trade for Mag 7 or 9.5

4. Mag 24 pump used but good condition. To much pump for my system. $180 new $100 or trade for a quiet 2000gph pump

5. DIY Feeding timer. It is the digital one that is capable of 10, 20, 30, 60 or hold settings. It is in a pvc project box w/ 3ft cord. 2 outlet GFCI. This essentially will cut off what ever you have plugged into it for a specified time and turn back on when the countdown in complete. Leave for work/school and don't worry about remembering to turn pumps back on after feeding fish. Have about $40 in it (timer alone is $20) as I bought the good stuff... $20

6. Kirby G4 No attachements w/2 extra new bags. $150 OBO

7. Various corals (SPS and LPS and Soft) come look and price accordingly

Will add more later and pictures as I get camera working right.

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