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which is kind overflow for 75 gallon tank


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Hi Reefers,

I am surprised I still up tonight, been at acc since 8 am to 930 pm then eat dinner and have to wait for settle down with my stomach :dribble:

Grab to check with you a fellow reefer.

Right now we are still looking house, but haven't find one that what we like, I need to set up a plan for my tank to move to new house in few month I hope so.

I still think about drill several holes for my perfecto 75 gallon tank. I did contacted with Marineland and says that sides are drillable. That is great news. I am thinking about have overflow, (want to eliminate the HOB overflow box) I research about the overflow, Calfo horizontal overflow ? or vertical overflow? which is prefer?

I think about peninsula tank. Probably Peninsula is first choice plan. which is better overflow for pennsula? Also drill hole for closed loop with sequese dart 3600 gph or 2600 gph. 3600 is too much for 75?

My plan is for 75 gallon is SPS tank and other 110 gallon tank ( from james) will be ready by summer unless I need to know where is best location for 110 ( Wrasse specis tank only) :D

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