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custom stand &/or x-box for dry goods.


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i have a custom built stand that i had made for a corian tank i built, but the corian tank broke. at that point i was going to custom build an acrylic tank, but ran into financial troubles when trying to buy the tools.

long story short, i have no use for the stand anymore, and its a nice stand! brand new, never been used, made from standard framing 2x4's, birch ply, crema bordaux granite, and stained the color golden oak...

all the outside of the stand is stained gloden oak, all the inside has been nicley caulked, and painted/sealed with white kilz. the top of the stand is crema bordeaux granite from africa. and the entire front and left side panels are removable for easy access.

the stand cost roughly $200.-$250. for all the materials, and the granite alone is worth $250.

all the dimentions of the stand are as follows:

the stands outter dimentions- 30.5" width, 23" depth, 32" heighth.

the interior dimentions- 26" width, 19" depth, 26.25" heighth.

the granite top dimentions- 27.5" width, 21.25" depth.

the front door opening dimentions- 22" width, 26.25" heighth.

the left door opening dimentions- 12" width, 26.25 heighth.

there is no back to the stand so if you have an external or hang on back overflow box, you can run plumbing right through the back without having to drill anything. if you plan on putting a reef ready tank, or tank with an internal overflow box on the stand, ide be happy to drill the holes needed in the granite so you can pass your pipes through the top. i will not charge you to drill the holes. although, if you didnt like the granite, it is removable.

the largest tank foot print that this stand will accept is the same size as the granite, (27.5"x21.25") or smaller...

here is the build thread of the stand on RC


i also have an old x-box game system that i dont want. it comes with 1 controller, 1 video game, and all the cables to hook it up.

there are a few things that i have in mind for a trade. these are some of the things i need...

i need a nice pump. pan world, gen x, iwaki, or the like, with an output of at least 1000gph.

an auto top off unit.

a ph controller.

an om squirt or similar current switching device.

im a fan of controllers.....

i dont know, just make me an offer! i wont take any live stock. no corals or fish! although i might take some live rock?

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I have a supercool little giant pump (1100 gph) that I used less than a week b/c it pushes way more than my custom bulkhead can handle. I had to throttle it way back to keep from sounding like niagra falls and overflowing the display. Even with the valve closed 50% I had too much flow for my bulkheads.

I will trade it for the wicked cool stand you built! I love that stand and it would be perfect for a seahorse tank!

I will post specs on the pump below...

Engineering for Excellence.

At Little Giant, rest assured that we implement the highest quality of engeenering and design in every product line we carry. The same applies to our “Quarium” Series of pumps, designed specifically for aquarium-filtration applications in either freshwater or saltwater environments.

Magnetic Drive Aquarium Pump

Little Giant® 'Quarium Series magnetic drive pumps are specifically designed for in-line saltwater and freshwater aquarium circulation and filtration applications.

Thermally protected motor with 3-prong molded plug and 6' power cord

Corrosion resistant to salt solutions and many other semi-corrosive fluids

1" FNPT inlet, 1" MNPT outlet with barbs for 1-1/4" I.D. tubing

Non-submersible (inline only)

Model Number 3-MDQX-SC

Horsepower 1/15

Flow 1100 GPH @ 1' of Head

Cord Length 6'

Shut Off 14'

Voltage 115

Hertz 60

Amps 0.9

Watts 100

Weight 9.25

Height 5.3

Width 4

Length 11.9


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Thanks for the stand. It is solid. It looks even better than the pictures. I know whom to call when I need some granite work... You are an artist and you are very good with your hands. You don't see that every day.

I hope the pump works out well for you. The Rolex watch needs some cleaning on the band but it keeps decent time and it looks awesome. It even has the authentic Rolex movement. I paid $250 for it but I just don't wear it anymore... Enjoy it or trade it, just don’t try to pawn it, it’s not a real Rolex.

Good luck with the family and the new baby thats on the way!

Sean =-)

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hey, thanks for all the kind words sean, and thanks for the extras! it was really nice to meet you!

enjoy the stand, it should be able to hold anything you want to put on it! and im pretty sure im going to keep the rolex. :wacko:

so the stand is gone, but the x-box is still up for grabs if anybody is interested?

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