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Variety of Coral for Sale


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I have the following for sale. I've been unable to post photos but can e-mail to you.

1) Blue Xenia (Cespitularia) from DFS. They sell a frag this size for $129.99 but it can be had here for $45. I can send a pic. but it isn't a good one. It is better to see in person.

2) Addboy's Warp Speed (Montipora Spimosa) 5"x3" for $85. Smaller frags may become available

3) Approx.20 Polyps of Blue Zoanthids with crazy long gren skirts for $25

4) Purple Digi with multiple branches (1''x1'') for $10

5) Blowpop Zoanthid on LR (approx 100-125 polyps) for $65

6) 3" x 1.5" Red Cap. for $20

7) 5+ pink zoanthids with silver skirts for $20

8) Orange Digi -almost golf ball size for $20


9) Pink/Purple Birdsnest colony (3" wide x 2" high) for $20

10) Glowing Green Blasto growing on a rock (approx 40 heads) for $40


11) 5+ polyp of ATL Lunar Eclipse Palys $45

12) 5 polyp Purple Death Palythoas on LR for $65

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