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Corals for sale


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If you still have the galexea in 1-2 weeks I'd be interested. We're moving and the tank will be upgraded another 20 gallons at that time...right now it's too cramped and things aren't arranged well.


I have the following corals located in Round Rock for sale:

Green Star Polyp on Marshall Island branching live rock [attachment=2_10_08_00019.JPG] (small/medium/large) $10/$15/$20

Galaxea [attachment=2_10_08_00008.JPG] (about the size of two baseballs side-by-side) $20

Trachyphyllia [attachment=2_23_08_00001.JPG] $15

Brain coral [attachment=2_10_08_00017.JPG] (about the size of a softball cut in half) $15

Blue Mushrooms on petrified wood [attachment=2_23_08_00000.JPG] (size of a baseball) $15

Let me know if you are interested. Thanks for looking.


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