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Reef Ready Tank Plumbing


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I know there are infinite number of plumbing options, closed loop, etc....But, If I end up ordering a tank "new", all of the manufacturers want to know:

Overflows: How many and where?

Holes for plumbing: How many? What size holes?

My current setup on my 55 gallon is external skimmer through a sump into a chiller and returning to the tank so, I'm really not sure what to tell these guys?

Anyone want to chime in on what's important? :huh:

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All depends upon what you plan to use for circulation? Want a wavebox, a center overflow will be great. I have a wavebox and dual overflows on each back corner and works fine though.

If you go closed loop, then you need holes for drain and return for closed loop. I would DEFINITELY put a hole in the back for instant water changes!!! If you are going custom think of exactly what you want BEFORE you order the tank.

If you want holes drilled in bottom, best to go with starboard or PVC bottom. Just ask guys on board about seeing their tank and figure out what you want.


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Guys, Thanks for the input.

Actually, I have no idea what I need in the way of equipment ! I'm thinking of a Barracuda for a pump (only because I heard Aaron talking about it at his house). This is how I'm getting my ideas! I've heard good things about a "Euro Skimmer, RC18 or something like that? I need a calcium reactor, I want a sump that will accommodate all of the equipment plus some beneficial algae, live rock and a few shrimp. I also need a Tunze for the tank. I contacted "John" at "Aquarium Obsessed" and he was a great help. I told him I wanted a 72x26x26 that was eurobraced instead of having a center brace and a starphire glass front. He suggested, "An internal overflow greylite glass, 4hole 2 durso, 4 bulkheads".

Other than that, I don't know what I need? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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